It’s been crappy

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Life is just treating me crappy right now. My headaches have been acting up worse. I don’t think it is sinuses, but it could be. I have headaches everyday, so I’m used to them, but it is bad when I have to use ice packs. I also have a small bump on my upper palate (the upper part of the mouth) and I don’t know where it came from. I am hoping that it isn’t an abscess. I have some leftover medicated mouthwash and am using that. So hopefully it will go away soon. If not, I might have to visit the dentist at WVU. I will not like that. I also have weighed myself and found out that I am back to 280 lbs. I am very upset, but I only have myself to blame. This week I am getting back on the horse. I have got cereals, but I am using bags and measuring cups to pre-portion them out. So when I get up I will not have to guess. I am also going to make my egg sandwiches tomorrow. I still have a lot to think about health-wise. 2017 is coming up pretty soon and I have so many commitments to make and keep. Lord Anubis help me. Well that is it for now. Have a good one!



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