In Memorial

Hello everyone,

Today is the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is an important day for me, not only because of Pearl Harbor, but because my grandfather died on this day. He was a soldier for the Army and fought in War World II. However, he lived through the war and had my father and uncle. He became a police officer and served until he retired. He smoked and was diagnosed with COPD and this is part of why he died early. He died on 12/07/1994. I feel that he died way too early and I wish he had been alive to see me graduate high school and college. All those important things. I miss him very much.

Here are two pictures. One is of my shrine in the old house. The picture is of him and my grandma (she died last year). The other is him as a soldier during War World II.

I hope that this day does not bring painful memories to you, but that you remember that it is an important day in history and there were so many deaths of men, women, and children. Let’s remember this day for them.



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