Another sick day!

Hello everyone,

I hate being sick. For the past couple of days I have had an annoying sore throat and a bit of a runny nose, though not a lot. Mostly it has been my throat bothering me. Today, I finally went to the Urgent Care and got myself checked out. When I went there were not a lot of people, but most were coughing. So I think it is that time of the year. I got called in and it seemed like I waited an hour to see the Physician’s Assistant. Before I saw her the nurse did a strep test. Goodness, I hate those. So after I saw the P.A., she was waiting for the results of the test, she came back in and told me it was negative. However, she said that the thing in the back of my throat was swollen. I was like ‘the uvula?’ She was surprised that I knew what it was called. I have two parents who are retired R.N.s plus I have a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding. Yeah, I am going to know what it is called. I didn’t tell her that though. So even though I am negative she gave me some amoxicillin. So hopefully this will clear up. I’m hoping that it will. I don’t want to feel bad. Tonight is the last episode of Project Runway. I have some ice cream and that should help with the soreness in my throat. Have a good one! Talk soon!



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