Worried about my VNS

Hello everyone,

I’m posting again tonight. Church was good just in case you wanted to know. I saw my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. They were at the church, but didn’t know we were there. Ugh. Miscommunication. Anyway, I’m really concerned about my VNS or Vagal Nerve Stimulator, as it is called. What the VNS does is help prevent seizures. I’m concerned because I think it might have moved. I ran my magnet (that is how it prevents the seizures) over my battery in my body and the pain was very strong that it made me cough. I have my battery set on the highest setting to help prevent and stop my seizures. The pain well go through my teeth. However, this was new. It only came through on my left side and felt like it was going through a vein or blood vessel. It made me cough which it never did before. I tested it four times and each time it resulted in the same thing. So on Monday I am going to see if I can get in to see my neurologist. I hope my VNS hasn’t got anything wrong with it. Pray for me.



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