A rough day

Hello everyone,

Today has been rather rough for me. Starting on Saturday, I felt a change in my VNS (Vagal Nerve Stimulator). I was really worried and so I decided to try to get in contact with my doctor. I tried to call various times yesterday, but there was an emergency. So I wrote a message yesterday and hoped that he would get it. Today I called a little after 8:00 am and talked to the person at the desk. I asked if my doctor had any appointments. She told me he didn’t, but said that she would get my message to him. Well his nurse got back to me and was able to get me in. Thank goodness! Well nothing was wrong with the VNS. It hadn’t moved or was damaged. It just needed to be turned down a little. I tested it while I was at the office and thank goodness there is no more pain.

Now why was it rough? My dad is so hard to get to go to the doctor when he is sick. I literally have to force him. He is a retired nurse and he knows what happens if you stay sick for too long. You’re putting too much stress on your body. I wanted to bust him in his head. Well not really. I just say that when I get angry. He was really upsetting me because he didn’t want to go. He went thank goodness. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and hopefully he will feel better in a few days. Anyway, I will talk soon.



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