Star Wars: Rogue One

Hey everyone,

Well I finally got to see Star Wars: Rogue One today with my dad. First, if you haven’t seen it, don’t read any further. There are some spoilers. The movie was great. It definitely did not disappoint. It did not begin like the others do with the usual beginning, but that was fine. It is a different story, so a difference in the beginning makes it unique. The story mainly centers around this girl named Jyn. Her father had been working for the Empire and it was he who developed the Death Star and created the weakness in the Death Star. The movie starts out with Jyn as a little girl and she goes into hiding. She is raised by a friend of her father and mother’s. Later on, when she grows up, she becomes a criminal and is rescued by the rebels by fate that is. They take her back to Yavin 4 and she is offered a chance to help to get her freedom. She has to obtain a message for the man that raised her that could lead to the Death Star plans. She agrees and goes with Cassian and K-2SO. They were the ones who rescued her. When they find Saw Gerrara (the man that raised her), he show’s her the message, but shortly after the city of Jedha was destroyed by the Death Star as a test. They pick up Chirrut (a monk), Baze (Chirrut’s friend and sort of guard), and Bodhi Rook (an ex-imperial pilot). They escape the destruction, but Cassian is ordered to kill Jyn’s father on a separate imperial base. Once they arrive, Cassian orders everyone but himself and Bodhi to stay. Everyone, except K-2SO leaves, not listening to Cassian. Cassian does not kill Jyn’s father, but a small amount of Rebel flyers come from Yavin 4 and destroy the base. Jyn gets a few minutes with her father before he dies. On their way back Cassian and Jyn have a fight. When they return Jyn tries to convince the council that they need to get the plans for the Death Star, but most of the council either do not believe her or do not think it is worthwhile. They want to surrender. So she decides to go to get the plans. She finds that Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi are waiting for her, but is surprised when Cassian and other fighters come to meet her. They aren’t ready to give up. They steal an Imperial cargo ship and name it Rogue One. They arrive at the planet with the plans and have to pass through a gate to get in. When they get on the planet Cassian, Jyn, and K-2SO go to get the plans while the others stay behind to battle. The Rebel Alliance finds out and they send their ships. They can’t get through until the shield is broken and neither can the plans. Cassian and Jyn do get the plans through, though with a lot of difficulty. Unfortunatly, there are a lot of deaths and the base is destroyed by the Death Star.

This movie makes a lot of connections to the other movies. I think you should see it and you will get the connections. Overall, I think you will love it. I hope I didn’t spoil it. I’m sorry I forgot some of the planets names. Forgive me. Have a good one everyone!



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