It’s going to be a hard day


Well today I have started off pretty good. I had an apple, a smoothie, and about 2-3 oz of pistachios this morning. I was up from 11:00 pm to about 4:00 this morning so I was hungry. I am having cravings for cheese. Lord Anubis knows I want to reach in the cheese drawer and get that provolone I got yesterday for my parents, but my head is telling me to get the hell over it because this is for my body and health. There will be cravings. As the weeks pass by I know I will be able to overcome them.

Today, we are going over to my sister’s house to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. His b-day was on the 4th, but everyone worked on the 4th. Well not everyone, but his parents did. So his godfather and other grandparents are here today. I’m looking forward to it, but it will be a challenge because I don’t know what kind of food they will have.

Well, anyway, that’s it for now. Talk soon!



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