A tough journey

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted. I have started my Paleo Diet on Sunday and it has been hard to resist my cravings of cheese. No milk, that is fine. I had none for about two weeks before. However, resisting the call of cheese…that is hard. I’m doing it though. Yesterday, was an extremely hard day when my mother made grilled provolone sandwiches (one of my favorites), but I resisted. I’ve been having smoothies in the morning. This morning I didn’t have one. I woke up late, but I am going to prepare ahead today. I’ve been trying to keep prepared so I don’t get hungry and have nothing to eat and go to eat something bad. Paleo is a diet that you have to get adjusted to. I’m limiting myself on cheese, bread, grains, and pasta. We had beef and veggie soup last night. The pasta was separate and I only had five pieces of penne pasta in it. I find myself resisting bread now, not really wanting it right now. It’s just the craving for cheese that I am having to overcome. Well, that is all for now. I will update soon.



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