My thoughts on Trump

Hello everyone,

Well, I don’t know about you, but today was not my favorite day. I’m not exactly happy that Trump was elected and that he is our president, but I am not going to try to get him kicked out just yet. He hasn’t done anything yet to deserve that. I’m still not with the wall idea, but I do want to give him a chance. Let’s see what he can do before we try impeaching him. We might find that he does bring a change to America that has been needed for a long time. I’m not judging him yet. So we’ll see. That’s my thoughts.



2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Trump

    • pyriterenny says:

      Thanks. It’s hard to take on a new president who you have different views with, but we have to give him a chance. We can’t judge just yet. He hasn’t even done anything! Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.


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