Been a rough week

Hello everyone,

So this week has been rough for me. I’ve been off and on my diet, but am going to do much better next week. I have been really upset with my sister. I have also been feeling crappy. This is part of why I’ve been off my diet, but not the entire reason.

So tomorrow my two nephews stay over (one is a dog šŸ™‚ ). Yeah I call my sister’s dog, Spike, my nephew because he is. I treat him like one. They’re going out of town. I asked, well begged, my sister and her husband through my mom and dad if they would let me and my parents take him to Discover the Dinosaurs tomorrow. This is a once a year thing. I love dinosaurs and have since I watched The Land Before Time. I never had the chance to do what he will be able to do. Some of the activities are: petting the dinosaurs, riding the dinosaurs, driving jeeps in a raceway, minigolf, etc… So I really think he will have a great time. So until like Wednesday they were thinking about it which really pissed me off. He’s four. He won’t be four forever. This is a chance to spend time with his grandparents while he is young. Then all the sudden they say it’s okay because now they are going to spend time by themselves out of town. I honestly want to hit or smack them. I won’t be taken advantage of like that and neither will my parents. It just makes me so angry.

As for the health issue, I feel like I have a cold or something. I have to be better tomorrow. We’re taking my nephew to Discover the Dinosaurs. So I have to be better. Let’s hope that works out. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Going to take lots and lots of pics. šŸ™‚ Have a good night!



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