Dinosaurs and Ugh!

Hello everyone,

Well the weekend was a mix for me. We took my nephew to see Discover the Dinosaurs. We were there for two hours to see the exhibits and have fun on the rides. He had a lot of fun. I snapped a lot of photos with my phone of him and my dad, and there are a couple of me and him. Though he wasn’t as interested with me.

Here are some photos of my nephew, my dad (PopPop), and one of me and my nephew. He definitely had a great time. I bought him a fluffy Triceratops and a egg that transforms into a dinosaur in water. He was really excited about that. When his mother (my sister) came to pick him up, he just had to show her that.

Anyway, I have the flu. Well, we all do. We’re not doing too well. I have muscle aches, a runny and stuffy nose (depends on when I get it), dry mouth, and coughs. It sucks because I had my flu shot. Yeah, I know. Having your flu shot doesn’t mean that it guarantees against the flu. It just sucks. Well anyway, I’m going to get off. Hopefully, I will get better. Talk soon.



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