Goodness help me

Hi everyone,

Well today is bad. We didn’t take my fur son for his appointment. We’re waiting till we all get better. I had an appointment to see a nurse practitioner, which my mother scheduled for me. So I saw her at 1:50 pm today. She put me on another round of Prednisone. However, she had labs drawn and two x-rays done of my chest and abdomen. I’m having stomach and abdomen pains which came on this morning. She said that there is a GI bug going around and this could be what I am experiencing. However, she wanted to rule out anything like pneumonia or something worse, like kidney stones. That would be my luck. I should find out the results tomorrow. Until then, I am on a ‘bland diet.’ Just soup, gatorade, apple sauce…things like that. I haven’t felt too hungry. However, once I do get hungry it has to be something that won’t be too heavy. I’m just hoping this goes away soon. I hate being sick! Well that’s all for now. Hope ya’ll are doing better than me.



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