Another day

Hello everyone,

Well I hate to tell you, but my headaches have been returning. Mostly centralized headaches. I’ve had to return to taking some of my stronger medicines and even that at times doesn’t work. So I’m considering doing a daith piercing for my left ear since it probably will help balance out everything. It’s worth the try.

Next week my dad goes to have a surgery to have some stones removed from his kidney. I am worried that he will have to stay overnight, but if he has to he will. I just want him to be better. We still don’t know when he has to be there. I guess they are waiting till the last minute. Ugh.

Today, we had my nephew. We thought we would have had him later than usual, but we didn’t. We took him to Barnes & Noble, my suggestion, and I got him some books. I got books for myself, of course. I enjoyed having my nephew and was happy to get him some books. I believe in having children read as soon as possible. He loves to read and being read to. Especially by my dad. 🙂

Well that is all for now. I hope to update on better news soon. Have a good night everyone.



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