Another day, another daith

Hello everyone,

I wasn’t planning to get another daith piercing till next week and until I really thought it over, but I went ahead and decided to take the leap. I was having a centralized headache (meaning it is all over my head) today and it was practically been going on for a couple of days now. Nothing had been helping. The daith on the right ear had been doing a great job with my right-sided headaches. So I thought to myself, why not get the left ear pierced. There’s nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work, at least I’ll have even piercings. 🙂 I think with the success of the right side, it will probably work. Again the lady was very professional and nice. Though the left side seemed to hurt worse than the right and it bled a little more. So I am hoping that this at least lessens the headaches. I got a matching horseshoe, I think that is what she called it. You can see it on Instagram. Just scroll down and click on the Instagram link. So the colors on both sides match. Well I thought I would update. Have a good night!



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