So stressed

So lately I have been really stressed. On Saturday I went to the E.R. because I had a migraine for about 3 days. My dad and I sort of clashed and I got emotional that day. It takes a lot for me to cry and be emotional. We got over that hurdle however. I’ve just been stressed lately and I have so much to do. My current computer is giving me problems and I am thinking about getting a new one next month on QVC with their payment plan. I’ve had it for a while. So it would be nice to have another. I also am studying for my certification, but I am thinking about pushing back my test till April. I also have to schedule an appointment for my fur son, Wally, to get a dental exam. He is going to have to get his teeth removed, some of them, and we need an estimate so we can start saving for the surgery. It’s just a lot of stuff on my mind if you know what I mean. My nephew comes over today, so I hope that everything will be ok. Well, I will talk soon.



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