An update

Hello everyone,

First, I thought I would give you an update on my father and what’s been going on. So yesterday my dad went in for surgery. The time he was supposed to be there was at 8:00 am. So we got there at 8:00 am. He didn’t sleep well and had vomited some that night. So we went and registered then went to the floor we were supposed to go. After going through everything, my dad waited till 2:30 pm to go into the operating room because the person ahead of him had some issues. He got out about 4:10 pm. Which was lucky because we were heading to see him. We had gone home to sleep a little and take the dogs out. He got a room and we stayed a while. I helped him order dinner and we stayed a while before leaving around 6:00 pm. He thinks he might leave today. We’re not sure though. But he feels better today and I’m sure he does.

I’ve been having a rough time lately. I got another bump on the roof of my mouth and I have to use a medicated mouthwash for it. It hurts when I chew on that side and eat hard foods. So I am going to make something soft for myself tonight. I also haven’t really been sticking to my diet lately. So I am not doing that well with that. However, I am going to get back on that soon. Well I will talk soon. Have a good one.



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