And March begins

Hello everyone,

Well today is the beginning of March. I feel like this year is passing by so quickly. I just can’t believe it. This month, I am hoping, will be better than February. Next week my mom and I have to go to Kentucky to take care of my Granny. We’re leaving on Tuesday, but I don’t know if we’re coming back on Thursday or early Friday. This month I’m also getting a new laptop. The old one I have is giving me major issues. I’ve had it for over two years and it’s about time I get a new one anyway. I’ll be glad when I get it. Tomorrow, my mom and I have to go out and do a lot of things so we are going to be busy preparing for next week. My dad is doing better since his surgery. He’s not having as much pain, which is good, but he’s still sleeping. I don’t blame him though. Anyway, I’m thinking positive for this month. I hope it is much better than last. Have a good night.



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