Social Media and such

Well, I’m going to take a look at some of my social media. Some I might be deleting and recreating new accounts. Some I might let be. I just am in a dilemma right now. I haven’t been using Twitter as I used to. So I might delete that account and maybe later in the year create a new one. I just am going to take a good hard look on my time and other things tomorrow. I am also going to add a new facebook account because I have noticed there are a lot of people that I just don’t talk to or are friends and don’t talk to me on the main account. I also feel that I can’t be myself without being judged on that account, which sucks because no one should be judged anywhere. This is going to be a private account. It will not be updated everyday like the main one and if you want to be invited then you can be a friend, but I post about anything and everything. So you don’t accept my thoughts, then don’t expect to be invited. Tomorrow, I start studying hard for my CCA exam. So between that and other things I might be blogging sparsely. I’ll try to keep you all update. Have a good night.



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