Keeping up

Well I haven’t been talking lately. I just haven’t had the energy because of my depression bout lately. Yesterday I went to my appointment at the neuropsychology center. It was basically a very tiring day. I was up at 6:00 am and there till about 3:00 pm. Of course I had a lunch break of an hour. Though mine was shorter. I’m a quick eater. It was a set of memory tests and games. Believe me though, it is not easy. So on June 12 my parents and I go see the doctor for the results. I don’t know whether to be nervous or excited.

My life is seemingly going around in circles. Next month will be especially hard on me. There is so much going on that I am already thinking about it. My birthday is coming up in June and I won’t be able to get much for myself. Well I never really do anyway.

I’m just hoping to get through this month without any problems. Right now my fur nephew is over with us. My sister and her husband and my nephew have gone to the beach. I will be sleeping downstairs tonight. He (the fur nephew known as Spike) loves his Auntie.

I hate feeling so down. I just hope everyone has a better month than I am right now.



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