Can’t really describe it

Well first I want to say that I feel such a deep pain for the people who have suffered in Manchester. I hope that their friends and family get some sort of relief and that the person who did this, is caught quickly.

I am now more concerned than ever about my depression. Yes I have been losing interest in things, feeling anger, etc…but today I felt pains in my body. Pains that I could not explain. I looked on the WebMD website, and no I am not trying to diagnose myself, and one of the things it says are pains and aches as a symptom. I took a shower today and it literally took all I had to stand up in the shower because I was so achy. After that I slept for about two hours. I’m worried that I’m sleeping my life away. There has to be something I can do. I think I will contact my primary care physician if this still is going on in a few weeks. I might talk to the neuropsychologist. Maybe he has a few ideas.

That’s it for now. Have a good night.



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