Getting back to things

Well I’m start to feel slightly better. Today, I went out with my Mom and Dad and went driving to some stores. We went to Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moores (not exactly the best of craft stores), and Lowes. I wanted to get out for once. Although, I’m still feeling depressed, I’m glad there’s a change. I’m still sleeping a lot, though I hope to stop that from happening somehow. I need to find a way to get some way to get my sleep cycle back in balance. However; depression, stress, and all that is probably causing it to be out of wack. My birthday is in a week and even though I’m not supposed to be stressed about that, I am. June is going to be a month full of a lot of stuff. I am going to have to get my AHIMA membership (which costs $80), get my fur kids heartworm tests ($120), possible CCA test ($200), and I only have a limited budget. So you can see why I’m stressing. I’m also trying to study for the test and I have forgot some things since I haven’t studied in a while. It’s not an impossible task, but it is going to take a lot of studying. Well that is it for now. Going to watch Stephen Colbert in a while. He always makes me laugh. Have a good night.



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