A good early birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will officially be 35 years old and I really can’t believe it. I try to set goals for myself every year, but to tell the truth, this year I have no clue what kind of goals I want to set for myself. I guess I will figure it out tomorrow. Anyway, today I went out with my parents to Wal-Mart and I got a haircut. Which was nice because I needed it. My hair gets really thick quickly, plus I am trying to grow it long. I had it layered and the ends trimmed. Plus my eyebrows waxed. It was a nice ‘spa’ day. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. I am glad Mama convinced me to go. I was going to go to Red Lobster because of the cheaper price. I had wanted to go to Fujiyama Steakhouse, but they are so expensive. So we went and I got a steak and surprise, I got a ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail from the bar. This is my favorite cocktail ever! My best friend (one of them) met at a convention and had this cocktail, got drunk, and have been best friends since. So it holds really good memories and still tastes great! What a good day. I’m just hoping that tomorrow will be as good as today. Bring on the 35. Talk soon.



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