Not the way I thought it would be

Well yesterday was great for a 35th birthday. I spent it at home with my parents. My dad made Chicken Paprikas (it’s a Hungarian Chicken and Dumplings basically), I had a cookie cake with ice cream, and just spent it relaxing. Today, my first day (in my opinion) of being 35 has not gone on the good side. This morning I had a frigging crappy headache. So bad that I had to get an ice pack. It’s been months since I have had to use an ice pack. The last time was probably of November of last year. The daith piercing does miracles so it is probably a migraine coming on. Anyway, I spent the morning in pain with the ice pack on my head. Still have a little pain left. Then I had unfriended a friend from facebook a few days back and she wished me happy birthday, but after that left me another message making me feel bad. I basically let her know how I felt and why I unfriended her. I did make her a friend again, but I am going to watch our relationship. We have been best friends since we were in high school, but friendships can fade and I’m afraid this is what is happening. I don’t want it to, but I think it is. Anyway, tomorrow will be busy. My b-day gifts to myself will also be coming so I can’t wait for those. 🙂 I will talk soon.



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