Not going to well

Well this week has pretty much sucked for me. First, let me tell you all that I got Wally, my boy dog, scheduled next month for his dental surgery. He goes in on the 7th of July. I’m nervous and counting down the days. However, the sooner he gets it done, the better. Well the sucky part comes into play. I have had a migraine for six days this week and finally went in to see a P.A. today at the clinic. Well the insurance wouldn’t cover any I.V. fluids being given at the clinic. The P.A. gave me an oral and all I can say is if I still have this thing tomorrow is that it’s all on the insurance. I’m going straight to the E.R. It would have been easier to give I.V. fluids and meds and the clinic than go to the E.R. However, we’ll see. Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better. Well that’s my update for now.



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