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So excited!

Hello everyone,

Well yesterday was a great day. Very busy, but still good. We didn’t have trick-or-treaters. We have a total of three kids living in our subdivision, so Dad went and took bags of treats to them. Next year I will get only one bag of candy. Way too much this year.

Anyway, in two days I see my BFF Danielle. I am driving down to Oak Hill which is about a 3-4 hour drive. It depends on the stops and traffic. I went out today and got new windshield wipers. Had to. My driver side wiper was torn up and squeaking. So I figured I would get both of them done at the same time. Autozone guys are so nice. They replaced them for me. I also got some X-Mas gifts for my adopted niece and nephew from Books-A-Million. I have to finish my blanket for Danielle tomorrow. I think I have 12 rows to complete, it’s knitted, then I am done. I will have to wash it and dry it. Tomorrow will be very busy.

Anyway, can’t believe November is here! Hope it isn’t as crazy as last month. Have a good day everyone!


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Another day

Hello everyone,

Well today has been somewhat of a busy day. I left about 8:30 this morning and went to the WVU Urgent Care Clinic. I felt that I hadn’t been getting better and that I needed to see the doctor again. So I went and saw someone. She told me she thought it was viral since the antibiotic hadn’t cleared it up. She gave me another type of antibiotic, but told me if it didn’t clear up within a couple of days to take it. In the meantime, I am using a mouthwash, taking benadryl, and tesslon pearls. So far it’s helping. We’ll see how it is in a few days.

I am proud to say that I corner of my first towel for my BFF Danielle is finished. Got three more corners to go then I can start on the other towel. I’m embroidering it. I am also on my fourth row of my knitted lap blanket for her. So in 13 days I have to finish two towels and one blanket…and maybe three scarves if I can get it out. Pray for me. I’m going to have sore hands. 🙂

Well that’s it for now. Talk soon!