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Happy Presidents Day and updates

It’s Presidents Day, so I thought I would wish everyone a Happy Presidents Day! It sucks that we don’t get off for school like MLK Jr. day. I think we should celebrate our presidents, because without the first president, our country would never have been. That’s my opinion though. You can disagree or agree. I’m not going to get upset.

Anyway, life has been busy for me. Last Friday I had to skip one of my lectures and a quiz for Geology 101 due to a major migraine. I talked to my professor today and he said I couldn’t make it up, but that there was room for a missed quiz. Next time (if there is) I miss, I need to contact him before hand. I had my lab today, and we’re studying topographic maps. I can tell you it is not easy. I did not think I would have to be doing math. Well, it’s something I have to learn.

As for work, everything is going pretty well. I am very happy and love being around my co-workers. I get my paycheck this week. So I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow I go see the headache specialist, which I am hoping she will give me new meds because the ones I am on have side effects that are really bad.

Well that’s all for now. Have a good night.


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It’s a busy week

This week is busy for me. Tomorrow I am taking on a day shift at Sheetz for a fellow worker from 7:00 to 3:30. That’s extra money for me that I need. Then this week I got to go back to the dealership to get the car worked on again. The ABS signal is on and I also need the antifreeze changed and new windshield wipers. I finally got back my test result from Geology 101. I got an 84, which is a B. I’m hoping the next test will be better though. This week is just going to be a very busy week with school, an extra shift, and the car going in for it’s appointment. I’m not looking forward to waking up early tomorrow, but I need the money. Anyway, I thought I would update. Talk soon!


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It’s going to happen

You all are probably wondering what I am talking about. Well I went to my appointment to get my daith piercings changed. You have to do that at least every six months. I saw Harmony, who is my favorite and only piercer. She is such a great lady. Even after six months she still knows about my seizures and asks about them. So I asked her about getting tattoos and who would be best for the one I wanted. We chatted a little about it. So I officially scheduled a consultation for later this month and am going to be seeing one of the tattoo artists there about getting a more modern tattoo of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death and mummification on my left arm. It’s going to be a colored one. I am so looking forward to it!

School is going well. I had a test last week, though I didn’t get the test results yet. I had a test yesterday and found out that I got an 88% on it. Not a bad start, but I know I can do better. So that is all for now. I will update soon!


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Happy late new year!

Hi everyone! Well I’m late on the New Year’s wishes. I had to work on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So yes, I was a little tired. Work has been tiring for me as I get used to it. I have mostly been working the front. I also work the evening shift which means when I come home I don’t really want to do much. Just want to go to bed. Maybe read a little. Anyway, every year I like to make a New Year’s resolutions list. Some don’t because if they don’t complete it they get disappointed. I’m going to try to keep mine simple.

2018 Resolution List:

  1. Complete 10 classes for my Geology degree.
  2. Lose 30 lbs.
  3. Swim twice a week.
  4. Get a new car (meaning used certified).
  5. Start dating again.

Well that’s all I can think of for now. I don’t want to go overboard. So I will talk soon. Have a good one everybody.


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I hate my body

Not really. It just seems that my body hates me lately. So this morning I get up to go downstairs. I am wide awake. I know where my surroundings are. It is now too dark for me to see. I am paying attention to where I am going. So I get to the stairs and I slip. I fall on my butt, however, my knee is sprained and I can tell you it is a very bad sprain. This is not good! I have job training on Sunday to resume. I can’t have a sprain! Dammit! So I have got to get better tomorrow. Keep off it some, ice it, and wrap it in a brace. Let’s hope it gets better by Sunday. Pray for me everyone.


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So tiring

Yesterday was tiring for me. I had to go to a food handlers class, which was 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, though in reality it lasted till about 11:20 am. I then went home and laid down, but couldn’t sleep because I had to be at work at 2:00 pm. Work went fine though. We did more on the made-to-order station. I worked the fryer station a bit and learned more on how to fry foods and how to operate the fryer. It was a little slow yesterday. Anyway, I left and got home around 6:20 pm. I came in, ate some pizza and talked to my parents (my dad is home thankfully), walked upstairs to my bedroom, and fell asleep. So I was really tired yesterday. I’m happy to have a job, but I forgot how tiring it can be. Thankfully today is 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. But tomorrow I will have my practical after doing another class. Which means I will be working an 8 hour day. Whoo! Anyway, talk soon.