Project Runway, Season 16, Episode Three

I’m a couple of days late on my review of this episode. I just totally didn’t feel good and didn’t watch the whole episode on Thursday and when I finally did, I forgot to post my review. Anyway, I thought this episode was really great. It had the designers to be inspired by dance. I think my favorite outfit was Kenya’s. It was just so interesting the way she put it together. I also loved Brandon’s. As we get more in the season we learn more and more about the designers and so far I am very happy with what I am seeing so far. The designer who won was Brandon and the designer who was out was Kudzanai. I just think he way overdid his outfit. I also didn’t like Deyonte’s. However, I think everyone has there strengths and weaknesses. I think Kudzanai will excel and we will see him elsewhere. So those are my thoughts. Have a good night!



Project Runway, Season 16, Episode 2

Well today was the premiere of episode two for Project Runway’s new season. The contestants had to work in three teams and use recycled materials for their challenges. It was the unconventional materials challenge. A real favorite among many of the watchers of the show. It is one of mine. So there were three teams: Team Ballin’ on a Budget, Team Tsunami, and Team Wabi-Sabi. Team Ballin’ on a Budget were the winners and Team Tsunami was the losers. From the winning team I was very impressed because their whole collection was very cohesive and beautiful and it really didn’t look like recycled material at all. However, from the losing team, it just seemed like a mish-mash and that some of the outfits weren’t transformed. Which was unfortunate. The twins worked in the losing team and Shawn kept having a mental breakdown and other issues. The winner was Ayana. The loser was Sentell. He had a dress that could have been done better. He finished early and his dress looked more like a garbage bag. He hadn’t transformed it enough. I know he’ll go on to do good things though. So those are my thoughts for this episode. Let me know what you think. Have a good night.


Project Runway, Season 16, Episode 1

Well yesterday was the premiere of the new season of Project Runway! It’s season 16 and I have been with Project Runway since it has began. A very long time. I love it because it is so creative and there are so many good designers in the series who deserve the chance to be the winner. Last night they had the ‘red carpet’ challenge where they had to incorporate themselves with the design. Another turn for this season is that they are not using one size fits all models. They are using plus-sized, medium, thin, etc… I was very happy. Not all designers were, but you have to work with all types of women because not all women are the same size. So the show is sending a positive vibe, in my opinion, to those out there of women and their bodies. I was impressed with a lot of the looks. Some I was confused and some I was like ‘what the hell?!’ The person who went home this week was ChaCha. He seems to be more of a kids designer than a designer for women. He had a design that was a mess. Some women may like his type of designs, but I think he would be a great kids designer with his ideas. Anyway, that’s my thoughts for now. I will be posting again next week. Talk soon.


A busy day

It’s been a busy day for me in several ways. I cooked supper, which I haven’t done for a while. I followed a recipe from a Weight Watchers book. Mom, Dad, and I are watching our food intake. So we decided to try this Chinese Noodle Soup. It was really good. It had ginger, cabbage, chicken broth, carrots, pork, udon noodles (my idea, it was supposed to have italian thin noodles), green onions, and spinach. It was really good. The udon noodles I got from a package. They weren’t dry. However, you can find them in an isle. I’ll try to get the recipe and post it on this or my Change for a life blog.

Besides that, I watched the Kentucky Derby. Loved watching it. I’m hoping to go to it next year. It’s something I have been wanting to do with my parents before they die and myself of course. I loved the hats and the funny suits. I just was so impatient that they waited so long to play My Old Kentucky Home (think that’s the right song). I loved it though.

I did delete my twitter account and created a new facebook account by the way. Just to let you know.

So that’s it for now. Talk soon.


What the heck is going on?

Hey everyone,

Today there has been another terrorist attack in the world. This time in Munich, Germany. You can see an article about it here. What the heck is going on? Has the world lost its mind? They say that ISIS is behind this terrorist attack. We need to find the bastards and bomb the hell out of them in my opinion. This is ridiculous. The thing is that ISIS is not just in the Middle East, it is also in the U.S. and Europe as well. We should first come together as nations and collaborate on aliens entering our countries. I’m sure there are already certain standards, but we need to up them. I’m not saying to discriminate, though it probably seems that way, but we need to protect ourselves. Europe needs to protect themselves as well! Everybody does! And once the aliens come, we need to keep tabs on them. I’m not saying follow them around day and night. I’m saying check up on them maybe every six months to see what they are doing. See what they say they are doing in our countries match what they said they were going to do. So if an alien comes over to get education or a job, they need to be checked to see that they are attending school or at least trying to get a job if they don’t have one. This is a crisis and we need to protect ourselves. If we don’t, who knows what is next. Please don’t take what I am saying as discrimination or racism, because that is hardly what I am saying. We and our fellow countries all over the world, need to up our security methods. This is for our safety. I’ll be praying for the Munich families and I hope you will too.


Dr. Oz’s Advice

Hello everyone,

Well I try to watch Dr. Oz everyday. Him and Dr. Phil are my favorite daytime shows. Anyway, Dr. Oz had some good topics on his show today. One was about the Thyroid (which is a type of gland in our bodies) and the other was about two types of weight loss surgery. I have Hypothyroidism which means that my Thyroid gland is small and deformed. I have to take a medicine to regulate it. Some of the advice that was given was to take iodine (a little table salt) and get zinc.

He also featured two women who were having two different weight loss surgeries. One was having the gastric balloon surgery and the other the gastric sleeve (which is the one I am wanting to get). I got to watch both and I am still thinking that the gastric sleeve would be right for me. I am glad I got to see the show today. I learned a lot. I go to see the bariatric surgeon in August. So long! Can’t wait! Well I will update soon!


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Re-do

Hello everyone,

Well, I’m sure some of you have heard of the Might Morphin Power Rangers re-do. I grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I loved it and still love it. They just posted an article of Elizabeth Banks in the new Rita Repulsa outfit. View it here. I am hoping that they will post pictures of the rangers outfits soon. I definitely am looking forward to this re-do. What do you think of the re-do? Are you going to see the new movie? I know I want to see it. Anyway, I will talk soon!