I joined Match and am going to try to date again. I am nervous, because I haven’t dated in forever. I am 35 and will be 36 on June 3rd. I want to find the love of my life. I want my dad to walk me down the aisle. One of my goals has been to find a person to love. I am hoping that this will help me find a man who is going to be the one in my life. I do have concerns with the internet of course. You hear of people not being careful with meeting the ones they meet online. So I hope that I find a good man. Anyway, that’s all for now.



So alone

Well my parents have gone to Kentucky and I can’t wait till they come back down. They went up to Kentucky to take care of my Granny for a few days and will be back down on Friday, but I am missing them so much. I wish they hadn’t gone, but they had too. Me and the babies (my fur children) are missing them a lot. On Friday I have to work and I don’t know if they will be home by the time I leave, however, they said they would visit me. Anyway, I just feel really alone today. I have been sick off and on and am looking forward to feeling better. Well that’s all for now. Talk soon.


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I just want to thank all those men and women who have served our country and still are serving. Thank you so much for your sacrifices! You have no idea how much we appreciate you!


Have you ever just wanted to smack someone?

Yesterday I saw on The Talk, about this 30-year-old asshole, who is a father and is being evicted from his parents house. He doesn’t have a job and is badmouthing his parents. You’re 30 years old and have a fucking child! You’re also trying to use the government to pay for your court fees to get custody of your child when you don’t even have a damned job! Who the hell would award a guy like that custody of that child?! Get a fucking job and contribute to the world!

The reason this pisses me off is because he isn’t disabled and he has no reason not to get a job. I live with my parents and yes I am 35, almost 36 in June, but I have a part-time job and help contribute to the household. I am legally disabled. It makes me very unhappy if I don’t have a job. I get really depressed. So this asshole needs to get his ass a job and suck it up. He’s 30 years old and should be out on his own. He’s not his parents responsibility anymore.

Anyway, that’s my vent for the day.


Still hot in WV

Well today, I guess you could say I was productive. I went and got my hair cut for the first in about three months. It feels much lighter. I needed to get it layered and about an inch taken off. I’m still growing it out, but I damn well need my hair layered because it is so thick. I also got off my lazy ass and cleaned my bathroom. That’s a miracle. I threw away a lot of things I didn’t need which gave a lot of room for things I needed. I also got my new FitBit today. My old one ran out of juice, so my new one is pretty cheap and I got it on QVC and am using their monthly plan. Tomorrow, I have to change my sheets and dust my room before we pick up my nephew. As I’m sure you know, it is still hot and humid. We’re having thunderstorms, but it is hot. I’m having headaches, but it might be my sinuses acting up. I also got my summer clothes out and am donating some and am keeping others. Tomorrow I have to put up my winter clothes. It will make plenty of room for me in my closet. Thank goodness. I’m hoping that this heat goes away soon. I’m tired of it, but we’re in the beginning of Summer…so expect me to be complaining a lot. 🙂 Well I will update soon.


A frigging hot day!

I can tell you now that I hate Spring and Summer! Well…I don’t hate them per se, but they are my least favorite times of the year. It is so damned hot and humid. You have to take a shower every day. Today we went out with my nephew to Lowes to shop. I had to get a pot for my Aloe Vera plant and we got other things as well. The day was just so damned hot. I was sweating so bad. Well tomorrow I am going to get out my summer clothes and go through them and see what I can donate. I also need to put up my winter clothes. It will be nice to start wearing my summer clothes again. I just hope that this humidity stops soon. Ugh. It’s giving me headaches and that’s the last thing I need. Anyway, I will talk soon. I have a lot to do tomorrow. Have a good night.


Family Outing

Well sometimes it’s good to go out with family. I’ve probably told you before, but I live with my parents currently because of health issues and because I am going back to school for another (and hopefully last) degree. However, I don’t get to go out with my family a lot anymore or do any activities much since I am working now. Not that I am complaining. I need a job and am grateful that I have one. So it was nice when I went out with my parents today. We first stopped by Michaels, the art store. I got some watercolor pens and canvas. I plan to do some kind of artwork for my Mother’s Day gift to my mom. I then went with my parents to Office Depot and we had to get reimbursed for the old printer since it broke. We then went to Hobby Lobby and I got some more art supplies and a cute canvas tote with Llama-liscious on it and a llama on it. I plan to take it to work. After that, we ate at The Greene Turtle. It was a pretty good day. We got on each other’s nerves a couple of times, but that is what families do. Well, I will update soon. Have a good night.