Happy Samhain!

Happy Samhain everyone! Samhain and Halloween are my two favorite holidays. Samhain celebrates the Wiccan new year and a call to remembering our ancestors and loved ones that have passed on. Whether you celebrate Samhain or Halloween or both, I still wish you a Happy Samhain!



Almost the end of the month

Sheesh! It’s been this long and I haven’t posted. Sorry guys. I’ve been way busy in life and I just haven’t had the time to post. So let me update you on some of the things that are going on in my life:

  • I got fired at my job at Sheetz for excessive absenteeism. Yep. My last day I worked was an 11-hour shift because an employee, who is usually late, called off and I covered to 2:00 in the morning. Then around 10:00 I got a call and I was fired. No worries though. That was last week. Within one week, I got a job at Wendy’s. I am taking a pay cut, but it’s a job. I need it to pay for my car and other things. So screw Sheetz.
  • My dog Wally had an operation for his teeth last Friday. Poor thing had five teeth pulled out and now it looks like all his upper teeth, except for his canines and front teeth are out. He’s doing well though. He’s eating dried dog food and chewing on bones.

Today, I took my family out for a celebration dinner to Texas Roadhouse. That place gets busy fast. Anyway, the guy takes us to a half-booth, half-table and my mom (who hates booths) and I end up on the table side. There is a guy who is right behind me who is big and I have to scoot all the way up to the table. Other than that it was okay. I just wish he had some manners and had scooted up. I know he had saw me. Anyway, I’ll update soon. I promise!


A day at the hospital

It’s been a difficult day for me. I have mostly been at the hospital all day. I had an echocardiogram first. That lasted about 40 minutes and I had three people in the room with me. Mostly because there was a new piece of equipment. The technician was really nice and funny. I then went to Starbucks afterwards and had lunch, then went to get my CT Scan. I was early and thought I might have to wait, however, I to in and out within about five minutes. The real wait came when I went to my pulmonologist appointment. I was like an hour early. Though they got me into a room early, I still had to wait till about 2:40 to see the P.A. (Physicians Assistant). The CT Scan is fine, however, the echocardiogram hasn’t returned yet. I also did my sleep study on Sunday and we’re waiting the results on that. It should be back within 2-3 weeks. The P.A. told me that we might have to do a stress test. If so, I hope we will find out what is going on. I am going to continue to go to the rec center at WVU at least twice a week to swim. This might improve my health and help me lose weight. Last week I swam 10 laps and was so out of breath. My muscles were sore. So I have to keep doing this and get back in shape. Well that’s all for now. Talk soon.


Super long while

Well it’s been a super long while since I have updated. Sorry everyone. Life sometimes gets in the way and I just haven’t felt like posting lately. At the beginning of this month I went and saw my Granny. I also had a really bad sinus infection that lasted about two weeks. It was horrible because I drove all the way up to Kentucky, with my mom, with a sinus infection. So I was sick and helped my mom with my Granny (she’s bed-bound) then I slept a lot. I did get to see two uncles and aunts that I hadn’t seen in forever. I also got to see a cousin and her children and one of my other cousin’s new baby. She is so cute.

Tomorrow, I officially start school. I am taking three classes; Elementary Spanish, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Anthropology. I will be busy all week, however, this will give me a chance to go swimming at least twice a week. I love swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport. So I think this will help me lose weight while I am at school. I am a little nervous, but excited. I think the class I will most have trouble with is Spanish. However, we’ll see. Anyway, I will talk soon. Sorry for the wait. I will update soon.


OMG! So long!

Well it’s been forever since I have updated. Sorry everyone. It’s just been one thing after another. So where to start? Well, my father had surgery on his kidney to remove a 9mm stone Tuesday of this week. He did very well. It turned out that it was embedded in the wall. So that was why they didn’t get it out the first time. I’m glad and hope he won’t be getting as many infections as before.

For me, I’m continually busy working on the weekends. Not that I am complaining. I need my job to fund my new car, which I love a lot. It is nice to have a car that works and I can count on. My first payment is in August of next month and I plan to make it before the due date online. I also will be starting school on the 15th. I will be taking two online classes and one class at campus.

Next week I will try to take a math exam to see if I can somehow figure out what math class I will need to take. Lets hope I will pass. Dear goodness, Math is my weakness. I hate it. Anyway, I will talk soon. I have to get ready to go to work. Have a good one.


My life has changed

Well my life has changed in the past few weeks. Last week I got my new car. It is a Hyundai Elantra 2018. It looks sort of goldish-silver. I like it a lot. It has bluetooth, a back-up camera, and lots of other great features. I love it. I also got a new iPhone last week as well. I didn’t have much left on it and paid it off plus got a new case and liquid protection for the screen. The negatives, well on Monday I was at work and was called into the office by my new manager and the hospitality manager. I had called the employee hotline and told them that I felt like I wasn’t being shifted around enough. They think that I am slow in the kitchen, even on the fryer. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are some of our busiest days, but I can do work when we have slower times. I don’t feel like they’re giving me a chance. I don’t understand why I am being treated like this. Tomorrow I have to work, but I am going to  just let it go for now. I need my job to pay off my car and the cell phone and I am also going back to school. So I can’t quit now. I just have to let it roll off my back. Anyway, that’s all about my life for now. Talk soon.


What a great day

It’s been such a long time since I have posted. I do apologize. I haven’t had the time with my job and I am trying to get things together. Today was a great day for me. I went to the Hyundai dealership and traded in my Hyundai Elantra 2007 for a new Hyundai Elantra 2018. I put down $3000 as a down payment, plus they had excellent incentives. I was really happy. I am saved that money and am glad that they took me seriously. So here’s a picture:


Of course I like the color. My old one was silver and this reminds me of a beige silver color. It’s a really nice car. It has a back up camera, bluetooth, and much more. I am very impressed and look forward to driving it. My dad likes it and he will probably be driving it a lot. 🙂 Anyway, I will post soon.